Adult $4.00

Child $3.00


Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday

10 am to 3 pm

Student Archaeology Classes

July, 2024

The Museum of American History at Deptford, NJ

138 Andaloro Way

Deptford, NJ 08093-1627

phone: 856-812-1121


Unravel the myth of what an Archaeologist does in the field.

Students will take part in an actual excavation right here on the grounds of the Andaloro Farmhouse.

  • For students 7 to 14

  • Classes are held throughout the month of July

  • 1-day ($20.00), 2-day ($30.00), 3-day ($35.00) classes are available

  • Classes run from 11a to 2p on Thursday, Friday and Saturday

  • For further information, please call 856-812-1121 or email